Beautiful Landscape Ideas

October 5, 2015
(source: Pinterest)
Does your yard need a makeover? Are you in thinking of fixing the look of your yard but is unable to find inspiration? Then this post is for you!

Landscaping is such a great way to add value and beauty to our homes. If you're selling this home, a great landscape will attract more prospective purchasers. Surveys said beautiful landscapes add as much as 14% to the resale value of a property! Awesome isn't it?

Whether you are selling a home, or just a homeowner looking to beautify his/her yard, check out these beautiful landscape ideas we have found on the internet.

Cabins in Norwegian Fjord

March 14, 2015

The views from the cabins in the Norwegian Fjord are just breathtaking. These cabins are located in the northwest coast of Norway, 250 miles northwest of Oslo, a paradise in the middle of a fjord. They are not homes to anyone, or are for sale. But they are available for rent to those who are looking to spend the holidays appreciating the beautiful fjord landscape.


Østberg Bench by Sawdust Bureau

February 3, 2015

An odd-looking but visually appealing bench, this is my first impression with Sawdust Bureau's Østberg Bench. This is a three-seater bench made from spotted gum with various slots to hold books, magazines, and other media equipment.

Each piece is stamped with an edition number (1-10) and maker's mark. Once the release of 10 pieces exhausted this piece will never be reproduced. Priced at $8400. Check out Sawdust Bureau's website for more information.


Pretty Perfume Bottles (Part 1)

November 3, 2014
One thing that draws me to buying a perfume aside from the smell, is the packaging. I am attracted to perfumes with pretty bottles plus they can also serve as a decoration.

Bond No. 9 Central Park South

Etro Rajasthan

Marc Jacobs Honey

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp The 'Zodiac'

October 28, 2014

Longchamp has once again worked with Jeremy Scott for a Spring 2015 bag collaboration called 'Zodiac.'

The 'Zodiac' collection features bags that are covered with colorfully scribbled versions of the Western astrological symbols for fire, earth, water and air and a quirky reworking of Longchamp's famous Le Pliage bag.